ICTV with Coy Barefoot



ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Sunday, March 23, 2014.



1. Tim Longo,  Chief of the City of Charlottesville Police Department. Chief Longo explores the unprecedented proliferation of panhandling at some of Charlottesville’s busiest traffic intersections. (00:00)

Dede Smith, a member of Charlottesville City Council. The City of Charlottesville has finally made public the results of behind-closed-doors negotiations with the Albemarle County Water Authority. Dede Smith was in on those negotiations, and she says the City is getting ready to raise sewer rates on its rate-payers for what she say is absolutely no justifiable reason. Coy asked: Some say the City got played in these negotiations, is that accurate? Yes, she answered. I was there. That’s what happened.  (11:20)


Barefoot Excursions visits one of the University of Virginia’s most iconic sites: the Dell and Lambeth House. (21:10)