Inside Charlottesville with Coy Barefoot



ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Sunday, January 5, 2014.



1. Courteney Stuart, Contributing Editor and Reporter at the C-Ville Weekly newspaper. Courteney shares the story behind the story she broke of a December 20 assault on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall.¬† (00:00)


2. Giles Morris, Editor at the C-Ville Weekly explains how this story went viral around the Internet, sparking a torrent of angry, racist postings on the website, which led to his decision to shut down the comments thread. (9:55)


Courteney and Giles recently joined Coy on the radio program as well. Click here to listen to that conversation as well as to hear the threatening voicemail Giles received after shutting down the thread. Please note that that recording is unedited and not for younger listeners.


Barefoot Excursions¬†visits York Place on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall and remembers the vision of entrepreneur Chuck Lewis. (19:35)