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Larry Sabato

JFK files, Trump, Roy Moore, and more with the one and only Larry Sabato.

Monday Roundtable

More on the Heaphy Report.

Bill Antholis

Bill Antholis is the President and CEO of the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia.

Bill Antholis

Director and CEO of the Miller Center of Public Affairs joins Coy to discuss the first few weeks of the Trump presidency, fake news, and much more.

The Monday Roundtable

Hundreds of students and faculty members at the University of Virginia officially asked President Sullivan NOT to quote the University founder, Thomas Jefferson. That plus the election of Donald Trump on this week’s Monday Roundtable.

John Norton Moore

What are the issues and questions that we SHOULD be talking about this election year?

Lloyd Snook

Martese Johnson sues Virginia ABC and the latest on Jesse Matthew trail for murder of Hannah Graham.

Richard Guy Wilson Oct13

Richard Guy Wilson

A conversation about the history of the University and the Rotunda.

Brent Gunnoe

UVA Chemistry Professor joins international team to explore latest science on natural gas and solar energy.

Jonathan Coleman

Best-selling author Jonathan Coleman joins Coy for a moving, candid reflection on the passing of his friend and colleague, civil and human rights activist Julian Bond.

RIP Julian Bond

The University of Virginia’s Phyllis Leffler reflects on the passing of her colleague and friend, civil and human rights activist Julian Bond.

Rick Sincere

The latest conversation with Rick Sincere includes breaking news that the University of Virginia was the victim of a cyber hack originating in China— plus Joe Biden for President?

Larry Sabato

UVA’s Larry Sabato weighs in on the candidacy of Donald Trump, the GOP debate, Hillary Clinton, and much more in this exclusive extended conversation with Coy Barefoot.

Ed Murphy

Heard the news about the first-ever visit to Pluto? University of Virginia astronomer explains everything you need to know about this amazing, historic mission.

Bill Antholis

Bill Antholis, Director and CEO of the Miller Center for Public Affairs, joins Coy to explore the economic crisis in Greece and what this means for the rest of the world.

Kirt von Daacke

UVA Historian Kirt von Daacke explores the history of that flag everyone is talking about.

Doug Blackmon

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian Douglas Blackmon weighs in on the national conversation about the Confederate flag, the Civil War, the Lost Cause and the future of America’s struggle against racism.

Gary Gallagher

Noted Civil War historian Gary Gallagher joins Coy to explore the national conversation about the Confederate flag and the intersections of memory and history.

Brian Balogh

University of Virginia Professor of History Brian Balogh, co-host of Public Radio’s Backstory program heard around the country, joins Coy to explore the national conversation about the display of the Confederate flag, balancing civil liberties, and his new book.

Student Saafe

Did any good come of the now-retracted Rolling Stone article about rape at UVA? Yes. Listen to this.