Bob Roberts

Professor Bob Roberts reacts to the Rolling Stone article about “rape culture” at the University of Virginia.

Paul Jones

Libertarian candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 5th District, Paul Jones, reacts to the stunning guilty verdicts in the Bob and Maureen McDonnell corruption trial.

Ken Hughes Aug08

Ken Hughes

Yes, Nixon ordered a break-in. But it was not at Watergate. On the 40th anniversary of the resignation of President Nixon, author and journalist Ken Hughes joins Coy for an extended conversation about his new book, Chasing Shadows.

Rick Sincere

Rick Sincere reflects on the Republicans’ latest fight against Obamacare, and much more.

Rick Sincere

Rick Sincere remembers the Presidential nomination of Barry Goldwater at the Republican National Convention in1964— which occurred 50 years ago this week.

Standing Army Jun17

Standing Army

Has the Department of Homeland Security become America’s Standing Army? The Rutherford Institute’s John Whitehead answers the question.

Author Tom Frank on Eric Cantor’s Loss

Best-selling author Thomas Frank shares his take on the recent historic primary loss of Congressman Eric Cantor.

Liz Chadderdon

Liz reflects on Eric Cantor’s shocking defeat in the Republican primary.

Rick Sincere

Rick Sincere reacts to Eric Cantor’s surprise primary loss to challenger Dave Brat and this year’s election for U.S. Senate

Saul Cornell

Historian Saul Cornell explores the on-going debate over gun violence and Second Amendment rights in America.

David Swanson

Peace activist and author David Swanson joins Coy to discuss the latest news regarding the continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rick Sincere, 5-16-14...

Rick Sincere shares his thoughts on the latest in state and national news.

Dave Brat

Congressional candidate Dave Brat discusses his campaign for the Republican nomination in Virginia’s 7th District— running against incumbent Eric Cantor.

Obamacare in Va.

As the debate over Obamacare and medicaid expansion continues in Virginia, Professor Roberts takes a moment to explore some of the ins and outs of healthcare in America. This is a fascinating conversation for anyone interested in learning more about who pays what and why.

Future of Freedom Dec17

Future of Freedom

Author Sheldon Richman of the Future of Freedom Foundation.

Bill Bolling

Virginia’s out-going Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling talks U.S. and Virginia politics.

Wrecking Crew at Work Oct09

Wrecking Crew at Work

Best-selling author Thomas Frank explores the federal government shutdown— plus challenges facing higher education in America today.

The Political Skinny w/ Quentin Kidd...

Get the latest low-down on Virginia and national political news with Political Scientist Quentin Kidd of CNU.