Charles Dew

What really caused the Civil War?

Kendra Hamilton

Former Charlottesville City Councilor Kendra Hamilton reacts to the proposed development at Ridge Street and Cherry Avenue- she also shares her candid thoughts about the tragic murders in her native Charleston, South Carolina.

Kirt von Daacke

UVA Historian Kirt von Daacke explores the history of that flag everyone is talking about.

Doug Blackmon

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian Douglas Blackmon weighs in on the national conversation about the Confederate flag, the Civil War, the Lost Cause and the future of America’s struggle against racism.

Gary Gallagher

Noted Civil War historian Gary Gallagher joins Coy to explore the national conversation about the Confederate flag and the intersections of memory and history.

Rick Britton

Charlottesville’s award-winning author and civil war historian Rick Britton explores the national conversation about the flying of the Confederate flag on government property.

Maurie McInnis

University of Virginia scholar Maurie McInnis joins Coy to explore the historic context of the tragic shootings in Charleston, South Carolina.

After Appomattox

Most American’s aren’t aware that fighting in the U.S. Civil War continued long after Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, Virginia. Historian Rick Britton has the details.

End of the Civil War

Author and historian Rick Britton joins Coy to discuss the 150th anniversary of the end of the U.S. Civil War.

Debating Lee-Jackson Day

Civil War historian and award-winning author Rick Britton explores some of the most common myths about the U.S. Civil War and the debate about continuing to celebrate Lee-Jackson Day.

Dede Smith

Charlottesville City Councilor Dede Smith discusses the proposal that the City cease honoring Lee-Jackson Day as a paid city holiday for employees.

Don Doyle

Professor of History Don Doyle discusses his new book about the international reaction to the U.S. Civil War.