Obamacare in Va.

As the debate over Obamacare and medicaid expansion continues in Virginia, Professor Roberts takes a moment to explore some of the ins and outs of healthcare in America. This is a fascinating conversation for anyone interested in learning more about who pays what and why.

Water & Sewer Mar24

Water & Sewer

Latest on the debate over water and sewer rates in the City of Charlottesville.

City Got Played? Mar18

City Got Played?

Did the City of Charlottesville get “played” in months of behind-closed-doors negotiations with the Albemarle County Water Authority? Vice Mayor Dede Smith was there. And she says yes, that’s what happened.

ICTV with Coy Barefoot Mar09

ICTV with Coy Barefoot

March 9, 2014 guests include Albemarle County Supervisor Ann Mallek; author and peace activist David Swanson; and architect Jim Rounsevell.

Jane Dittmar

Jane Dittmar, Chair of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors talks about the historic proliferation of panhandling in the area: what’s illegal and what’s not. She also talks about the proposed new increase in the property tax rate and the possibility of a city-county Summit on the Future of integrating services.