Joshua Holland

Nation Magazine Contributor Josh Holland takes on the NRA, Trump, the GOP, and weighs in on the future of democracy in America.

Lawrence Rosenthal Sep01

Lawrence Rosenthal

Larry Rosenthal joins Coy to explore the on-going national debate over guns and gun control.

Saul Cornell

Historian Saul Cornell explores the on-going debate over gun violence and Second Amendment rights in America.

Second Amendment Apr24

Second Amendment

UCLA Professor of Law Adam Winkler with the latest on the battle over the Second Amendment in America.

Rights On: Guns and Privacy Feb25

Rights On: Guns and Privacy

UCLA Professor of Constitutional Law Adam Winkler explores the latest developments in the ongoing battle over gun rights and gun control in America.

Rick Sincere

The Bearing Drift’s Rick Sincere joins Coy for an extended conversation about the fate of gay marriage in Virginia and the War on Drugs.

Gun Fight Dec04

Gun Fight

UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler joins Coy to discuss the latest news regarding the battle over gun rights and gun control in America.

The NRA and the NSA Aug16

The NRA and the NSA

Should under-aged teenagers be allowed to buy handguns? The NRA says yes. Constitutional attorney and author Adam Winkler considers the debate and the evolution of Second Amendment activism in the U.S. He also talks right to privacy: is the NSA threatening the Fourth Amendment?