Latest from Space

Plumes on Mars, life in outer space, and much more with University of Virginia astronomer Ed Murphy.

Collecting DNA in Virginia

Sheriff Chip Harding joins Coy to discuss the latest political developments in Richmond regarding his proposal to expand the use of DNA to solve crimes in Virginia.

Clive Thompson Jan20

Clive Thompson

Technology writer and celebrated author Clive Thompson joins Coy to explore the world of new media, Net Neutrality, McLuhan’s “rear view mirror” and much more.

Graelyn Brashear

News Editor at the Cville Weekly, Graelyn Brashear discusses the Rolling Stone scandal and the very latest on fracking in Virginia.

Top 10 Space Stories of 2014

UVA Astronomer Ed Murphy joins Coy to explore the top space stories from 2014.

Ed Murphy

UVa Astronomer Ed Murphy joins Coy to discuss exciting news in our historic mission to Pluto, the Orion Mission to Mars, the latest on the Rosetta Probe, and much more.


Turning a chicken into a dinosaur? Yep, that’s happening. Jackson Landers has the details.

Four Weeks

Coy marks the four weeks since Hannah Graham’s disappearance.

CDC Whistleblower on Vaccines and Autism

Age of Autism founder Mark Blaxill joins Coy to discuss the breaking news — well ignored by mainstream media — about a whistleblower at the CDC admitting he lied in autism research.

Clive Thompson

Author and technology reporter Clive Thompson joins Coy to discuss his new book, Smarter Than You Think.

UVA Astronomer Ed Murphy

UVA astronomer Ed Murphy explores the Big Bang, universal inflation, the amazing Rosetta Mission, private space exploration, and much more.

Liz Chadderdon

The Texas GOP has taken a hard right turn— right off a cliff. Texan Liz Chadderon has the play by play.

Dan Holmes on Fracking

Director of State Policy for the Piedmont Environmental Council, Dan Holmes, discusses the future of fracking in Virginia.

Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo Jun25

Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo

UVA Professor of Law Dotan Oliar explores today’s breaking news that the Supreme Court has ruled against Aereo.

Bob McCartney

Washington Post Columnist, Bob McCartney discusses Medicaid expansion in Virginia.

The FAA and Drones

Attorney Brendan Schulman explores the debate over the use of commercial drones in U.S. airspace.

UVA Astronomer, Ed Murphy

UVA Professor of Astronomy, Ed Murphy, discusses meteors, star gazing, and space news.

Steve Horn

Steve joined Coy to discuss the recent train derailment and oil spill in Lynchburg, Virginia and why more of just this kind of thing is happening around the country.

There’s an Ocean on that Moon!

Scientists have confirmed that a moon of Saturn has a liquid water ocean beneath its icy shell. Could that water contain life? University of Virginia astronomer Ed Murphy discusses this exciting new discovery.

Fingerprints of the Big Bang Discovered! Mar17

Fingerprints of the Big Bang Discovered!

Breaking today: one of the most exciting and significant scientific discoveries of our age. UVA astronomer Ed Murphy explains why.