Jackson and Rick

The Monday Roundtable with Jackson Landers and Rick Sincere: from Stranger Things to Donald Trump, from Narcos to Anthrax — it’s all packed into every Monday Roundtable just for you?

Swanson and Jackson

The Monday Roundtable welcomes authors David Swanson and Jackson Landers.

Oliver Kuttner

The Brexit referendum, the EU, and the future of the West.

Ed Murphy

Scientists announce evidence for liquid water on the surface of Mars— UVA Astronomer Ed Murphy has the details.

Susan Crawford

There’ll be an app for that: the future of local governments.

Jeff Hantman Sep10

Jeff Hantman

Jeff Hantman, Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Virginia, joins Coy to explore today’s breaking news that scientists have confirmed the discovery of a new species of human ancestor.

Rick Sincere

Rick joins Coy for an end-of-the-week round-up of news and events.

Stephen Nash Aug25

Stephen Nash

You’ve heard about “global” climate change— what about climate change right here in Virginia?

Jackson Landers

Jackson Landers talks mastodons, bears, sharks alligators, and giant prehistoric beavers.

Ed Murphy

Heard the news about the first-ever visit to Pluto? University of Virginia astronomer explains everything you need to know about this amazing, historic mission.

Robert Scheer

Legendary journalist and author Robert Scheer discusses his new book with Coy Barefoot.

Ed Murphy

UVA Astronomer Ed Murphy has the latest on the New Horizons mission to Pluto and much more news from space.

Oliver Kuttner

Automotive X Prize winner and Charlottesville developer Oliver Kuttner talks about the future with host Coy Barefoot.

Ed Murphy

Celebrating the anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope, latest on exploration in space, and the upcoming historic mission to Pluto— all that and more with UVA Astronomer Ed Murphy.

Claire Gastanaga

Latest on the effort to preserve and strengthen civil liberties in Virginia.

John Whitehead

John Whitehead discusses his recently released book, Battlefield America.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe in a not-to-miss conversation with Coy Barefoot.

FCC Rules in Favor of Neutral Internet

UVA’s Chris Ali reacts to the FCC’s two historic rulings today regarding net neutrality and municipal broadband.

Dr. Renee Hobbs

What is media literacy, media studies, and why has teaching students to think critically about media become one of the most important disciplines in schools today? Dr. Renee Hobbs is one of the nation’s leading experts on media literacy education.

Latest from Space

Plumes on Mars, life in outer space, and much more with University of Virginia astronomer Ed Murphy.