Claire Gastanaga

The Virginia ACLU announces here for the first time is concerns that Governor McAuliffe is sabotaging new legislation that was aimed at protecting the civil liberties and privacy of citizens.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe in a not-to-miss conversation with Coy Barefoot.

John Whitehead

John talks about his latest commentary on the state of America’s freedoms.

Harvey Silverglate

Celebrated civil liberties lawyer and author Harvey Silverglate joins Coy to discuss his book Three Felonies a Day.

Paul Roberts

What is it most Americans don’t get about what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri?

NPPA’s Mickey Osterreicher

Mickey Osterreicher is the General Counsel for the National Press Photographers Association. He has the latest news regarding the use of drone–mounted cameras by journalists.

Claire Gastanaga

Claire joins Coy to discuss the latest development of the use of drones in Virginia.

Rick Sincere

Rick joined Coy to discuss the latest in state and national news including teen sexting laws, the debate over the import-export bank, and much more.

ICTV with Coy Barefoot

June 8, 2014 guests include Charlottesville City Councilor Kristin Szakos on the future of Route 29; author and civil liberties attorney John Whitehead; plus Barefoot Excursions finds the only Thomas Jefferson-designed building at UVA to have since been torn down.

The FAA and Drones

Attorney Brendan Schulman explores the debate over the use of commercial drones in U.S. airspace.

John Whitehead

John joins Coy to talk about his award-winning book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State.

Thomas Frank

Best-selling author Tom Frank discusses government-sponsored public prayer at government meetings.

The American Surveillance State Feb06

The American Surveillance State

“As Americans have grown increasingly comfortable with traditional surveillance cameras, a new, far more powerful generation is being quietly deployed that can track every vehicle and person across an area the size of a small city, for several hours at a time. Although these cameras can’t read license plates or see faces, they provide such a wealth of data that police, businesses and even private individuals can use them to help identify people and track their movements.” — Washington Post

We See You

JMU Professor of Government Bob Roberts considers the government use of live-feed, remote-viewed cameras and its impact on civil liberties.

Politcal Skinny

Political Scientist Quentin Kidd explores the expanding use of cameras in public places, same-sex marriage and the War on Drugs.

The Stalker Economy

Legendary security expert Bruce Schneier considers the future of the Fourth Amendment in cyberspace.

Future of Liberty

A fascinating conversation with the legendary author and investigative journalist David Cay Johnston.

SWAT Raid on Organic Farm Aug21

SWAT Raid on Organic Farm

The use of militarized SWAT raids by local law enforcement is sweeping the country— even in Arlington, Texas recently where paramilitary police were used to cut down blackberry bushes and weed-eat okra plants.

The NRA and the NSA Aug16

The NRA and the NSA

Should under-aged teenagers be allowed to buy handguns? The NRA says yes. Constitutional attorney and author Adam Winkler considers the debate and the evolution of Second Amendment activism in the U.S. He also talks right to privacy: is the NSA threatening the Fourth Amendment?

ICTV with Coy Barefoot

June 23, 2013 guest include Albemarle County Sheriff Chip Harding on the warrant-less collection of DNA from arrested suspects; Albemarle County Supervisor Rodney Thomas expresses his support for the debated Route 29 Bypass project; and Charlottesville City Councilor Dede Smith shares some lessons learned in her unsuccessful five-year effort to oppose a new dam and reservoir plan at Ragged Mountain.