Gould & Fitzgerald

Journalists and authors Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald react to the Bowe Bergdahl release, the continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the latest on the situation in Ukraine.

Rick Sincere, 5-30-14...

Rick joined Coy to discuss the latest in state and national news including the high profile resignations from the Obama Administration.

John Whitehead

John discusses the recent decision by the Supreme Court not to hear an appeal regarding “indefinite detention.”

Update from Kyiv

Ukrainian native Vlad Basysty has this live report on the latest from Kyiv.

Obama Foreign Policy

Political commentator and essayist Anne Pierce joins Coy to explore her views on the failed foreign policy of the Obama administration.

Liz Chadderdon

Political consultant and campaign strategist Liz Chadderdon examines the fight over medicaid expansion and Obamacare now raging in Virginia.

Obamacare in Va.

As the debate over Obamacare and medicaid expansion continues in Virginia, Professor Roberts takes a moment to explore some of the ins and outs of healthcare in America. This is a fascinating conversation for anyone interested in learning more about who pays what and why.

The Myth of Meritocracy Mar17

The Myth of Meritocracy

Author and historian Thomas Frank explores the myth of American meritocracy.

Political Skinny Mar07

Political Skinny

CNU Political Professor Quentin Kidd talks the latest in Virginia politics.

Chris Hedges Mar06

Chris Hedges

A not-to-be-missed conversation about a nation on the brink with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Chris Hedges.

Sex and Monticello

Best-selling author and historian Andrew Burstein talks a little “Sex and Monticello.”

The Appalachification of America Nov25

The Appalachification of America

“The gradual Appalachification of much of the United States has been a well-known phenomenon for 20 years now; it is not difficult to understand why and how it happened; and yet the ship of state sails serenely on in the same political direction as though nothing had changed.” –best-selling author Thomas Frank

Wrecking Crew at Work Oct09

Wrecking Crew at Work

Best-selling author Thomas Frank explores the federal government shutdown— plus challenges facing higher education in America today.

Market Reaction? Oct01

Market Reaction?

What does the market reaction say about today’s historic U.S. Federal Government shutdown?

Gould & Fitzgerald

Gould and Fitzgerald react to the latest news that Russia will step in and oversee control of Syria’s chemical weapons so as to avoid a U.S. military strike. What is the dangerous “false narrative” that continues to guide U.S. foreign policy in the region? What is the actual role of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East today, and how does it relate to 9-11?

One Step Closer

Author and Peace Activist David Swanson reacts to the 10-7 vote today by the Senate Foreign Relations Committe to support a military strike in Syria.

Gould & Fitzgerald

The on-going turmoil in Syria and likely U.S. military strike is just the latest episode in a very old and tragic saga about western imperialism in the Middle East. Authors Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald provide some deep context that Americans should have to better understand our actions in this part of the world.

U.S. Strike Syria?

Peace activist and author David Swanson weighs in on President Obama’s plans for a military strike against Syria.

Will Obama Order Strike in Syria?

Will President Obama order a strike on the Asaad regime in Syria, which is being blamed for using chemical weapons in a war on its own citizens? The latest on developments from the Pentagon and the White House, with Phil Ewing of Politico.

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Obama Proposes Higher Ed Reforms

“At a time when higher education has never been more important or more expensive, too many students face a choice they should not have to make: Either they say no to college, or they pay the price of going to college and ending up with debt that they’re not sure will pay off. And that’s not a choice that we should ask young people to make. That’s not a choice we should accept.” — President Obama, August 22, 2013