Bill Crutchfield

Bill Crutchfield is the Founder and CEO of the Central Virginia-based Crutchfield Corporation.

Richard Guy Wilson Oct13

Richard Guy Wilson

A conversation about the history of the University and the Rotunda.

Jackson Landers

Jackson Landers talks mastodons, bears, sharks alligators, and giant prehistoric beavers.

Randy Rinehart May21

Randy Rinehart

Remembering Charlottesville.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jefferson

Inside Charlottesville host Coy Barefoot marks the anniversary of the birth of Thomas Jefferson.

Andrew Burstein

Author and historian Andrew Burstein discusses his most recent book, Democracy’s Muse.

Andrew Burstein

Best-selling and award-winning author and historian Andrew Burstein joins Coy to discuss his forthcoming new book about Thomas Jefferson, “Democracy’s Muse.”

UVA “Sex Scandal” April 1954

It has been alleged that no student at UVA has ever been expelled for sexual assault. The Cville Weekly’s Graelyn Bashear reports otherwise, in this fascinating conversation about an incident at the University in April 1954.

Maurie McInnis

Author of Professor of Art History Maurie McInnis of the University of Virginia discusses her book on the history of American slavery and the new exhibit at the Library of Virginia that it has inspired.

Gil Harrington and Trina Murphy

Gil Harrington and Trina Murphy join Coy in studio to reflect on the disappearance/abduction of Hannah Graham.

Edward Baptist

Historian Ed Baptist explores the link between the brutality of American slavery in the 1800s and the development of an industrial capitalist economy.

ICTV with Coy Barefoot

September 14, 2014 guests include Charlottesville attorney Lloyd Snook, reacting to the guilty verdicts in the Bob and Maureen McDonnell corruption trial; University of Virginia Professor of Law Brandon Garrett with troubling new findings in a report on Virginia law enforcement; and Barefoot Excursions visits Rugby Road to find the connection between the historic Faculty Apartments and professional baseball.

“Great Things Are Expected”

Remembering September 11, 1777.

ICTV with Coy Barefoot

The September 7, 2014 edition of ICTV includes an extended, exclusive conversation with UVA’s Dr. Marcus Martin, co-chair of the President’s Commission on Slavery and the University.

Slavery and UVA

Co-Chairs of the University of Virginia’s Presidential Commission on Slavery and the University explore the group’s challenging mission.

ICTV with Coy Barefoot

August 24, 2014 guests include Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Long reflecting on the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri and the militarization of law enforcement; sculptor Melvin Edwards talks about his work on a monument to the lost community of Vinegar Hill in Charlottesville.

Dave Frey

Dave joins Coy to discuss this year’s Second Annual Lock’n Music Festival in Nelson County and the Virginia ABC’s refusal to grant the event a beer license.

Mark Brown

Mark joins Coy to discuss his recent purchase of the Downtown Parking Association.

David Sloan on the Lane High Reunion Aug04

David Sloan on the Lane High Reunion

Charlottesville’s own David Sloan has the details on the upcoming Lane High School Reunion. He also talks candidly about UVA athletics today.

ICTV with Coy Barefoot

July 13, 2014 guests include Charlottesville City Councilor Bob Fenwick and UVA Professor of Law Brandon Garrett. Barefoot Excursions goes back to 1963 to remember a pivotal moment in the history of the Civil Rights Movement here in Charlottesville.