Governor McAuliffe

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe joins Coy to discuss a host of news items now in the headlines.

Dr. Jeff Fracher

What happened in Baltimore?

David Perry

Latest on the school-to-prison pipeline in America and the “Cult of Compliance.”

Claire Gastanaga

Latest on the effort to preserve and strengthen civil liberties in Virginia.

John Whitehead

John Whitehead discusses his recently released book, Battlefield America.

Graelyn Brashear

Cville Weekly News Editor Graelyn Brashear joins Coy to explore the key takeaways from the Columbia Journalism School’s Report on the “journalistic failure” that was “Rape on Campus” (Rolling Stone, November 2014).

Brian Moran

Virginia Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran explores the future of the ABC following the brutal arrest of UVA student Martese Johnson.

David Perry

Professor of History and Essayist David Perry explores the runaway number of police killings of people with mental illness.

Rick Sincere

Rick Sincere makes the case for lowering the drinking age in America.

Aynne Kokas

What the news about the Sony hack didn’t tell you — plus China’s emerging media market and what that means for the rest of the world.

David Heilberg

Charlottesville attorney David Heilberg reacts to the arrest of Martese Johnson and puts the incident in the context of the continued “overcriminalization” of the American citizenry.

Creigh Deeds

Should the Virginia ABC have police powers?

Police Killing of John Geer Mar09

Police Killing of John Geer

Washington Post reporter Tom Jackman with the latest on the police killing of John Geer in Fairfax and the subsequent coverup.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe in a not-to-miss conversation with Coy Barefoot.

General Assembly 2015

Claire Gastanaga, Executive Director of the ACLU of Virginia, recaps all the good and the bad from the General Assembly session of 2015.

Did Virginia Put an Innocent Man in Prison?

Was Robert Davis sent to prison for a double murder he had nothing to do with? An increasing number of people, when the learn the facts of the case, say there is no question: Robert Davis is innocent.

Collecting DNA in Virginia

Sheriff Chip Harding joins Coy to discuss the latest political developments in Richmond regarding his proposal to expand the use of DNA to solve crimes in Virginia.

Graelyn Brashear

Cville Weekly’s Graelyn Brashear has the latest on developments in the Virginia General Assembly regarding proposed legislation that was brought to deal with allegations of rape and sexual assault on college campuses.

“The Business of Rape”

Cville Weekly News Editor Graelyn Brashear has an exclusive look at the latest on the University of Virginia, fraternities, and the national conversation about rape on campus.

Tom Jackman

Washington Post reporter Tom Jackman has the very latest on the controversial police killing of a man named John Geer. Witnesses say Geer had his hands up and was no threat to officers— and police who were there even agree.