Aynne Kokas

What the news about the Sony hack didn’t tell you — plus China’s emerging media market and what that means for the rest of the world.

FCC Rules in Favor of Neutral Internet

UVA’s Chris Ali reacts to the FCC’s two historic rulings today regarding net neutrality and municipal broadband.

Jonathan Rintels

Author and Creative Voices in Media founder Jonathan Rintels reflects on the FCC’s historic net neutrality decision today.

Chris Ali

University of Virginia Media Studies Professor, Chris Ali, shares his views on the Sony Hack, net neutrality, and much more.

FCC & Internet

The FCC’s historic decision in the net neutrality debate is expected in just a few weeks. UVA Professor of Media Studies Chris Ali helps us understand what’s at stake.

Michael Schudson

Noted scholar Michael Schudson joins Coy for an extended conversation about citizenship, democracy, journalism and media in American life.

Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo Jun25

Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo

UVA Professor of Law Dotan Oliar explores today’s breaking news that the Supreme Court has ruled against Aereo.

The Conversation and Big Data

UVA’s Siva Vaidhyanathan on everything from Big Data to Gene Hackman to Alfred Hitchcock. Don’t miss this “conversation.”

Media and Democracy Feb25

Media and Democracy

University of Virginia Professor of Media Studies Christopher Ali explores the proposed merger between Comcast and Time-Warner, the role of the FCC, net neutrality, and issues of media and democracy in a new high-tech world.

ICTV with Coy Barefoot Jan26

ICTV with Coy Barefoot

February 26 guests include Jane Dittmar, the Chair of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors; and celebrated media scholar and author Siva Vaidhyanathan of the UVA Department of Media Studies.

Inside Charlottesville with Coy Barefoot Jan19

Inside Charlottesville with Coy Barefoot

January 19, 2014 guests include Lisa Green, a member of the Charlottesville Planning Commission who talks about finding the Landmark Hotel project “blighted;” Jonathan Rintels of the Center for Creative Voices in Media shares his candid reaction to the shocking U.S. Court of Appeal decision regarding the sad fate of net neutrality; and Blue Ridge InternetWorks’ Baylor Fooks reacts to that decision as well.

Future of the Net

Baylor Fooks of Blue Ridge InternetWorks reacts to the recent Appeals Court decision regarding Net Neutrality.