David Swanson

Author and peace activist David Swanson joins Coy for an exclusive, extended conversation about American foreign policy and much more.

Whitehead Reacts to Events in Ferguson

The Rutherford Institute’s John Whitehead reacts to the recent alarming events in Ferguson, Missouri when a militarized police force marched into a city neighborhood and opened fire.

NPPA’s Mickey Osterreicher

Mickey Osterreicher is the General Counsel for the National Press Photographers Association. He has the latest news regarding the use of drone–mounted cameras by journalists.

Claire Gastanaga

Claire joins Coy to discuss the latest development of the use of drones in Virginia.

David Swanson

Peace activist and author David Swanson joins Coy to discuss the latest news regarding the continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The FAA and Drones

Attorney Brendan Schulman explores the debate over the use of commercial drones in U.S. airspace.

The American Surveillance State Feb06

The American Surveillance State

“As Americans have grown increasingly comfortable with traditional surveillance cameras, a new, far more powerful generation is being quietly deployed that can track every vehicle and person across an area the size of a small city, for several hours at a time. Although these cameras can’t read license plates or see faces, they provide such a wealth of data that police, businesses and even private individuals can use them to help identify people and track their movements.” — Washington Post

ICTV with Coy Barefoot May19

ICTV with Coy Barefoot

Inside Charlottesville TV with Coy Barefoot premiered on Sunday, May 19, 2013. This first episode includes an interview with John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute; a look at the progress of one of Charlottesville’s largest regional transportation projects; a conversation with celebrated Charlottesville photographer Ed Roseberry, and more.