Jeff Wadlow Mar26

Jeff Wadlow

Coy talks with filmmaker Jeff Wadlow about his upcoming wide-release feature, Truth or Dare.

Quentin Kidd

Lessons from Charlottesville with CNU political scientist Quentin Kidd.

Tim Longo

Former Chief of Police of Charlottesville, VA speaks candidly in this exclusive conversation about the events of August 12, 2017 – and about rethinking policing for the 21st century.

Monday Roundtable

Sh*thole countries and more.

Kathy Galvin

Charlottesville City Councilor Kathy Galvin on August 12 and the mob-like atmosphere of Council meetings.

Monday Roundtable

The Charlottesville Chief of Police steps down in the wake of the events of August 12.

Larry Sabato

JFK files, Trump, Roy Moore, and more with the one and only Larry Sabato.


An exclusive, extended conversation with Claire Gastanaga, Executive Director of the ACLU of Virginia: lessons from Charlottesville.

Monday Roundtable

More on the Heaphy Report.

Monday Roundtable

Behind the Scenes on the new documentary film, “Charlottesville: Our Streets.”

Dahlia Lithwick

From bombshell indictments and guilty pleas from Trump’s campaign team to the Alt Right in Charlottesville.

Monday Roundtable

U.S. Troops were recently killed in Niger — huh?! Also, the City of Charlottesville is looking for AntiFa protestors believed to have been involved in an assault on Nazis on August 12 — huh?!

Monday Roundtable

What about the massive Lee Statue in Richmond?

Monday Roundtable

Latest from Charlottesville.

Jamelle Bouie Sep11

Jamelle Bouie

Slate’s National Political Correspondent talks Charlottesville, Trump and much more.

Monday Roundtable


Jeff Lenert


Nicole Hemmer

What really happened in Charlottesville? Historian and journalist Nicole Hemmer recounts her experience at the “United the Right” Rally on August 12.

Monday Roundtable

What is the most iconic food item of Charlottesville, Va?

The Monday Roundtable

Rick Sincere, Jackson Landers, and Coy Barefoot.