Jeff Clements Sep16

Jeff Clements

The runaway, corporate money in politics is one of the great markers of corruption of our time.

Shaun Kenney Sep11

Shaun Kenney

The possible candidacy of Vice President Joe Biden, the end of the Rick Perry campaign, Donald Trump— and an extended conversation about the issues at the core of the immigration debate.

Ken Hughes

The tapes don’t lie— but Nixon did.

Shaun Kenney

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis says she will follow the 2,000-plus-year-old, Middle Eastern laws of Yahweh and not the 21st century laws of America. Shaun Kenney weighs in.

Liz Chadderdon Sep02

Liz Chadderdon

Political consultant Liz Chadderdon joins the program to discuss the latest news regarding the 2016 race for President: Hillary’s emails, Joe Biden, Bernie and the Donald and much more!

Rick Sincere

Rick joins Coy for an end-of-the-week round-up of news and events.

Rick Sincere

An end-of-the-week news round-up with Rick Sincere.

David Swanson

The passing of Julian Bond, the Dominion Pipeline, Hillary Clinton’s emails, Bernie Sanders and much more.

Rick Sincere

The latest conversation with Rick Sincere includes breaking news that the University of Virginia was the victim of a cyber hack originating in China— plus Joe Biden for President?

Larry Sabato

UVA’s Larry Sabato weighs in on the candidacy of Donald Trump, the GOP debate, Hillary Clinton, and much more in this exclusive extended conversation with Coy Barefoot.

Quentin Kidd

Dr. Quentin Kidd of CNU discusses how Virginia is the key to winning the White House in 2016.

Norm Leahy

What does the current field of GOP candidates for President say about the future of the conservative party in America? Why is Trump so popular right now? What you really need to know about Hillary Clinton, and much more with political columnist Norm Leahy.

Bob Roberts

JMU Professor of Political Science and Government, Bob Roberts discusses the Iran Nuclear Deal, Greece, China, voting, Trump, the GOP, immigration and much more.

Shaun Kenney

Donald Trump, immigration, the future of the GOP and much more.

Chris Hedges

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges joins Coy to discuss his new book Wages of Rebellion.

Shaun Kenney

Same-sex marriage, the Confederate flag, and much more with Shaun Kenney.

Robert Scheer

Legendary journalist and author Robert Scheer discusses his new book with Coy Barefoot.

Shaun Kenney

Hillary, Webb, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, et all- they’re all here. What you need to know right now about POTUS 2016.

Mike Signer Apr21

Mike Signer

Mike Signer is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Charlottesville City Council.

Rick Sincere

POTUS 2016 and more.