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Ed Murphy

Scientists announce evidence for liquid water on the surface of Mars— UVA Astronomer Ed Murphy has the details.

Ed Murphy

Heard the news about the first-ever visit to Pluto? University of Virginia astronomer explains everything you need to know about this amazing, historic mission.

Ed Murphy

UVA Astronomer Ed Murphy has the latest on the New Horizons mission to Pluto and much more news from space.

Top 10 Space Stories of 2014

UVA Astronomer Ed Murphy joins Coy to explore the top space stories from 2014.

UVA Astronomer Ed Murphy

UVA astronomer Ed Murphy explores the Big Bang, universal inflation, the amazing Rosetta Mission, private space exploration, and much more.

UVA Astronomer, Ed Murphy

UVA Professor of Astronomy, Ed Murphy, discusses meteors, star gazing, and space news.

There’s an Ocean on that Moon!

Scientists have confirmed that a moon of Saturn has a liquid water ocean beneath its icy shell. Could that water contain life? University of Virginia astronomer Ed Murphy discusses this exciting new discovery.

Fingerprints of the Big Bang Discovered! Mar17

Fingerprints of the Big Bang Discovered!

Breaking today: one of the most exciting and significant scientific discoveries of our age. UVA astronomer Ed Murphy explains why.