Bob Roberts

Everything you need to know now to get ready for 2016.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jefferson

Inside Charlottesville host Coy Barefoot marks the anniversary of the birth of Thomas Jefferson.

Graelyn Brashear

Cville Weekly News Editor Graelyn Brashear joins Coy to explore the key takeaways from the Columbia Journalism School’s Report on the “journalistic failure” that was “Rape on Campus” (Rolling Stone, November 2014).

Brad Sheffield

Albemarle County Board of Supervisor Brad Sheffield has the latest on the County Budget, residential and commercial growth, plus an update on the planned improvements to the Route 29 corridor.

Avery Chenoweth

Celebrated Charlottesville author Avery Chenoweth joins Coy in studio to discuss “Rape on Campus,” the Rolling Stone magazine article of November 2014 which included the shocking allegations of an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia— a story which the Columbia School of Journalism has since called a massive “journalistic failure.”

Brad Sheffield

Albemarle County Supervisor Brad Sheffield with the latest on the County budget and future of Route 29.

UVA Hikes Tuition

UVA Board of Visitors hikes tuition by unprecedented rates. Charlottesville journalist Graelyn Brashear explains the details.

Trinity Speaks

Kevin Badke, co-owner and manager of the Trinity Irish Pub, speaks publicly for the first time about what happened in those few moments before third-year UVA student was violently arrested by agents of the Virginia ABC.

Mark Lorenzoni

Mark Lorenzoni, founder of the Ragged Mountain Running Shop, joins Coy to preview tomorrow’s 40th annual running of the Charlottesville Ten Miler!

Andrew Burstein

Author and historian Andrew Burstein discusses his most recent book, Democracy’s Muse.

Albemarle County Mar09

Albemarle County

Latest on the new budget in Albemarle County with Supervisor Brad Sheffield.

Porter Dickie and UVA Hoops

University of Virginia sports reporter Porter Dickie joins Coy to discuss the historic UVA Basketball season and the upcoming ACC and NCAA Tournaments.

Jeff Fogel

Jeff Fogel is a Charlottesville attorney who recently won a case to defend panhandling as free speech on the Downtown Mall. In this exclusive interview, Jeff takes listeners behind the scenes into how the case was fought and won, and what it means.

Did Virginia Put an Innocent Man in Prison?

Was Robert Davis sent to prison for a double murder he had nothing to do with? An increasing number of people, when the learn the facts of the case, say there is no question: Robert Davis is innocent.

Brad Sheffield

The latest on the future of Route 29 here in Charlottesville.

Panhandling in Cville Feb20

Panhandling in Cville

Jeff Lenert is a former Chairman of the Board for PACEM and has been working with the homeless population in Charlottesville for more than 25 years.

Collecting DNA in Virginia

Sheriff Chip Harding joins Coy to discuss the latest political developments in Richmond regarding his proposal to expand the use of DNA to solve crimes in Virginia.

Graelyn Brashear

Cville Weekly’s Graelyn Brashear has the latest on developments in the Virginia General Assembly regarding proposed legislation that was brought to deal with allegations of rape and sexual assault on college campuses.

Brad Sheffield

Supervisor Brad Sheffield responds to concerns raised by those who have voiced opposition to the Route 29-Rio Road improvement project.

Jerry Stenger

Virginia State Climatologist Jerry Stenger tells us what we want to know: where’s the snow?