The Political Skinny w/ Quentin Kidd


2013 candidates for Virginia Governor: Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli (Politico)


GUEST: Quentin Kidd, Chair of the Department of Government at Christopher Newport University. Follow him on Twitter.


TOPICS: Quentin discusses the latest news in the on-going scandal regarding Governor Bob McDonnell: “I think [Bob McDonnell] has a resiliency in Virginia. People want to like him. He’s taken a battering. His approval has dropped…He’s still got some support among Virginians.” He also examines the politics of Attorney General’s announcement today that the Justice Department will file a challenge against Voter ID laws in Texas. The discussion also includes recent reports on the 2013 Governor’s race in Virginia: “I’m afraid we’re going to have an election for Governor where the two major candidates haven’t spent a lot of time talking about policy, [which is] dramatically different from any state-wide election we’ve had in the past.” Quentin finally considers the effect of campaign spending by outside groups on the messaging strategies of candidates.


ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday, August 22, 2013.