Future of UVA



GUEST: Richard Marks, a graduate of the University of Virginia and a founder of the UVA Governance Roundtable.


TOPICS: Richard reacts to recent news that UVA may continue to pursue more autonomy from the state of Virginia. He also updates listeners on the work and mission of the Roundtable. He comments, “One of the things that the state has to realize is that instead of continuing this policy of dis-investment, it’s got to pursue a policy of re-investment.  That’s the historic bargain that state government in Virginia has made with Virgina citizens. Continued state investment in higher education is the reason why all of Virginia’s state colleges and universities can offer lower tuition to in-state residents. It’s an historic bargain. And we’ve got to make sure, through the political process, that that bargain is reinvigorated and we turn around the investment picture for higher education in Virginia.”


ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Tuesday, October 1, 2013.