David Perry


Kayleb Moon-Robinson —who is diagnosed as autistic— had barely started sixth grade last fall in Lynchburg, Virginia, when a school resource officer filed charges against him. Kayleb was charged with disorderly conduct for kicking over a trash can and then with felony assault on a police officer because he struggled to break free when the cop grabbed him. The Center for Public Integrity analyzed national data and found that Virginia schools refer more students to law enforcement than other states, and that nationally schools refer black and special-needs kids to cops and courts disproportionately. (Charlie Archambault for the Center for Public Integrity)



GUEST: David Perry, Professor at Dominican University in Chicago. Click here to read his blog.


TOPIC: David joins Coy to discuss the school-to-prison pipeline and his most recent essay  “The Cult of Compliance in our Schools.”    The Center for Public Integrity recently released a new study of the problem and found that the state of Virginia tops the list of school districts that funnel children into the prison system.


ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday April 23, 2015.