Rape, Down Syndrome, and Justice Mar13


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Rape, Down Syndrome, and Justice



GUEST:  David Perry, Professor at Dominican University in Chicago, the author of a recent commentary at CNN. Click here to read his blog.


TOPIC:  David joins Coy to discuss his most recent commentary which begins, “Last September, William Jeffrey Dumas was convicted of three counts of rape. According to the charges, he had raped a woman three times over a night and the following morning, and the jury agreed with the prosecution that he was guilty. But just last week, a judge overturned the jury’s conviction and ordered a new trial.

“The Georgia appeals court judge, Christopher McFadden, argued that the verdict went “strongly against the weight of the evidence” because, in his judgment, the woman in question — I’ll join other writers in calling her Jane — didn’t act like a victim and the man didn’t act like a rapist.

“Jane has Down syndrome and the growing national outrage to this case has focused, with reason, on her disability. But Down syndrome is only part of the story.”


PLEASE NOTE: this conversation is not for younger listeners.

Friday, March 13, 2013.