Did he really do it?

New evidence suggests that Jens Soering has been telling the truth all along, that he did not in fact kill his girlfriend’s parents— a horrific crime for which he’s been imprisoned for over 30 years.

Monday Roundtable

all this and more.

Brian Klaas

Democracy is under attack — and from those who most claim to want to protect it.

Monday Roundtable

All roads lead to Vladimir.

David Cay Johnston

Founder of dcreport.org, best-selling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston: latest on Trump.

Monday Roundtable

Who were these guys in a Charlottesville park with torches?

Tim Heaphy

Former federal prosecutor talks Comey, Trump et al.

Monday Roundtable

I am Groot.

Thomas Frank

Now in paperback! Best-selling author Thomas Frank talks Trump, Obama, and the future of democracy in America.

Monday Roundtable Apr17

Monday Roundtable

The Easter Bunny and North Korean Nukes: it’s all here.

Roy Hange

The Middle East: what you need to know.

Monday Roundtable

And then this happened.

Jim Carpenter Apr10

Jim Carpenter

Celebrated portrait photographer and photojournalist, Charlottesville’s own, Jim Carpenter!

Monday Roundtable

What is the most iconic food item of Charlottesville, Va?

Monday Roundtable

All the latest & more.

David Cay Johnston Mar21

David Cay Johnston

What really happened in that Rachel Maddow interview?

Monday Roundtable

Donald Trump, wiretapping, World War I, Islamic Terrorism and much more on this edition of the weekly Monday Roundable.

Monday Roundtable Mar06

Monday Roundtable

“wire taaped” and more.

Monday Roundtable

From Oscar’s epic fail — to America’s.

Monday Roundtable

Trump, Russia, et al.

Lewis Wallace Feb20

Lewis Wallace

On objectivity and the past, present and future of journalism.

Bill Antholis

Director and CEO of the Miller Center of Public Affairs joins Coy to discuss the first few weeks of the Trump presidency, fake news, and much more.