Making History at W&L





GUEST: Brandon Hicks and Anjelica Hendricks, students at Washington & Lee University.


TOPIC: W&L President Ken Ruscio made national news yesterday when he announced that the University would no longer display the Confederate battle flag in its historic Lee Chapel— unless those flags were properly identified in a museum setting. He also said the Sons of Confederate Veterans would no longer be permitted to march on campus.

This historic announcement comes after a student-led protest against the veneration of Confederate flags and regalia, a long-standing tradition at this deeply southern Virginia university.

The student group also asked that Washington & Lee at last apologize for its institutional role in perpetuating the horrors of human slavery . “We acknowledge that this was a regrettable chapter in our history, and we must confront and try to understand this chapter,” Ruscio wrote. “Acknowledging that historical record — and acknowledging the contributions of those individuals — will require coming to terms with a part of our past that we wish had been different but that we cannot ignore.”

Hicks and Hendricks are two students who participated in this historic effort. They joined Coy in their first broadcast interview following W&L’s announcement yesterday.


ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Wednesday, July 9, 2014.