David Perry

courtesy AlJazeera America

courtesy AlJazeera America



GUEST: David Perry, Professor at Dominican University in Chicago. Click here to read his blog.


TOPIC: David joins Coy to discuss the runaway police killings of the mentally ill, the subject of his most recent commentary, which begins: “Twenty-five years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with disabilities are regularly dying at the hands of police officers across the country. In just the last few weeks, four such deaths have made national news: Kristiana Coignard in Texas, Antonio Zambrano-Montes in Washington, Lavall Hall in Florida and Charley Robinet in California. According to the American Psychological Association, some officers spend more time “responding to calls involving mental illnesses than they do investigating burglaries or felony assaults.” Too often, these encounters turn violent. Our best guess is that about 50 percent of killings by police involve psychiatric disability of some sort.” Read more here.


ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Monday March 30, 2015.