Why Wasn’t the City There?

2014 fire


SPECIAL TOPIC: Coy Barefoot discusses an article in today’s Daily Progress newspaper which asks the big question: why wasn’t the City there? It’s what many in Central Virginia have been wondering in the wake of a tragic house fire that took the lives of a mother and her two children: why weren’t Charlottesville City firetrucks there? they were only 6 miles away. Why didn’t Albemarle County call for help from the City? Why does a new mutual aid agreement between the City and the County look like it’s more about saving money than providing the best fire and rescue services that are available?

Coy’s remarks include:  “No one is saying that had the City fire trucks been there that the lives of those children and that mother would have been saved. Nobody’s making that claim. But had the City been able to go there, you would’ve had more resources and more people on the scene much faster. You would have had a lot more experienced personnel and life-saving equipment on the scene of that fire a lot faster.”