Did Virginia Put an Innocent Man in Prison?

Robert Davis

“I wasn’t there, I wasn’t there,” Robert Davis pleads through tears for more than 5 hours in this taped interrogation.


GUEST: Charlottesville attorney Steve Rosenfield.

Did Virginia put an innocent man in prison for a double murder he had nothing to do with? Robert Davis went to jail 8 years ago for a horrific crime— a crime that an increasing number of people believe he did not commit. A plea for clemency is now before Governor McAuliffe. His attorney Steve Rosenfield joins Coy for an exlusive, extended conversation about the case— and why he believes overwhelming evidence supports his effort to get Robert Davis freed from prison. Cville Weekly has more.


ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Tuesday, February 24, 2015



This is the video of the Albemarle County Police interrogation of 18-year old Robert Davis, which took place in 2003. The questioning began at about 1am and lasted until dawn. Experts now say this has all the characteristics of a forced confession.