Monday Roundtable


GUESTS: This special edition of Inside Charlottesville’s weekly Monday Roundtable includes Rick Sincere, Jackson Landers, Jeff Lenert and host Coy Barefoot. In Part One, the Roundtable explores the recent premiere of the documentary film, Charlottesville: Our Streets, produced by our own Roundtable regular contribute Jackson Landers and directed by Brian Wimer. The powerful film, which premiered at the 2017 Virginia Film Festival the evening before this radio broadcast, was very well received at a packed Paramount Theater. Inside Charlottesville Host Coy Barefoot moderated a discussion following the film, and Rick Sincere was on hand to videotape that (we’ll embed that below on this page as well). Part Two of the Roundtable considers the recent elections here in Virginia, from Charlottesville’s dysfunctional City Council to the surprise win by Democrats across Virginia.


ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Monday, November 13, 2017.


PART ONE: Charlottesville: Our Streets.


PART TWO: Charlottesville City Council 2017 Election


VIDEO BY RICK SINCERE: Panel Discussion at the 11.12.17 Premiere of Charlottesville: Our Streets.




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