This photo was taken on a smart phone by one of the victims of the alleged attack. She has told reporters and police that these are photos of the young men who were beating her and her boyfriend. More photos are available at the story link below.


GUESTS: Courteney Stuart, Contributing Editor and Reporter at The C-Ville Weekly newspaper and Giles Morris, Editor at the C-Ville.


TOPIC:  Courteney discusses a powerful story she recently broke about an allegedly unprovoked violent attack on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall shortly before Christmas. The story, which was posted to the Drudge Report and linked to by various other blogs and websites, went viral.

Editor Giles Morris speaks candidly about his decision to shut down the comments thread on the story after dozens of hateful slurs were anonymously posted. That decision sparked a backlash against Giles, who has received a number of threatening emails and at least one chilling voicemail (you can listen below to that voicemail: PLEASE NOTE that it is unedited and includes language not appropriate for children).

Additional photos of the alleged attackers are available on the same page as the full story.


ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE:  Thursday, January 2, 2014.



This is the chilling voicemail that C-Ville Weekly Editor Giles Morris recently received when he shut down the comments thread on the story at the C-Ville website. The man in this recording is currently unidentified.