20 Years

Host Coy Barefoot shares the joy (and the memories of pain) of a very special personal anniversary.

Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays with Hawes!

Fun Wednesday

Here’s a Special Wednesday edition of Fun Fridays with Hawes!

Nine Hours Waiting in the ER

Host Coy Barefoot discusses a recent personal experience at Martha Jefferson Hospital.

On Liberty

During the Tuesday, April 14, 2015 broadcast of Inside Charlottesville, host Coy Barefoot shared these unplanned, candid remarks about American liberty.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jefferson

Inside Charlottesville host Coy Barefoot marks the anniversary of the birth of Thomas Jefferson.

On Teaching Apr09

On Teaching

Coy Barefoot’s recent comments about what they teach at the University of Virginia — and what they do not.

EXCLUSIVE: Looking for Hannah...

In this exclusive report, Coy Barefoot identifies the second man who’d called in the tip line about the location where the remains of Hannah Graham were later found.

EXCLUSIVE: Where Hannah Was Found

Exclusive Report: Where the remains of Hannah Graham were found.

EXCLUSIVE: LJ’s Timeline

Coy Barefoot’s exclusive look at the events that took place the night Hannah Graham disappeared on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall. His reporting is the result of numerous interviews with eyewitnesses to the events of that fateful evening— none of whom had spoken to reporters.

EXCLUSIVE New Video Footage of Hannah Sep24

EXCLUSIVE New Video Footage of Hannah...

Exclusive video surveillance footage of Hannah Graham previously unreleased to the public.

“Great Things Are Expected”

Remembering September 11, 1777.

Barefoot on Protests in Ferguson Aug19

Barefoot on Protests in Ferguson

Inside Charlottesville host Coy Barefoot shares some candid thoughts about the protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

Claytopia! Jun17


A Lighthouse Studio project produced during the summer 2014 Introduction to Animation camp.

Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson!

Inside Charlottesville Host Coy Barefoot picks the best Jefferson quotes of all time.

The Stay Cafe Apr04

The Stay Cafe

The 2014 Live Arts and Lighthouse Studios production “The Stay Cafe” — a short film that was conceived, scripted, produced, shot, directed, starred in, and edited by a small group of school kids on their spring break— in only five days!

Gabe Silverman

From the archive comes Coy Barefoot’s 2008 conversation with legendary Charlottesville developer, architect and patron of the arts, Gabe Silverman, who passed away in November 2013 at age 73.

Enough is Enough Sep06

Enough is Enough

Our government has no business being in the liquor business.

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We Are There: The Legacy of the March...

Fifty years ago today men, women and children of all colors and backgrounds marched on Washington to say enough is enough. The malignant conspiracies of discrimination among the most powerful against the poor and people of color had for far too long prevented our nation from realizing its greatest potential. They spoke truth to power. They had the courage to push back. And history was on their side.

Barefoot Jumps Jun19

Barefoot Jumps

The Hook’s Lisa Provence covers Coy Barefoot’s jump to FM and the launch of Inside Charlottesville on CBS.