EXCLUSIVE New Video Footage of Hannah


Hannah Graham, missing since September 13.


Veteran Charlottesville journalist and host of Inside Charlottesville, Coy Barefoot, has been investigating the search for Hannah Graham, a second-year UVA student who has been missing since the early morning hours of Saturday, September 13. Coy has obtained the brief video footage shown below, which is being made publicly available here for the first time.

This video is an excerpt from surveillance footage taken the night Hannah Hannah Graham disappeared. It was captured by a merchant’s stationary, interior camera on Second Street, between the Downtown Mall and Market Street. Hannah appears on the surveillance footage that night shortly before 1am.

At exactly 7 seconds into this excerpt, you will briefly see Hannah walk alone, right to left through the front window. She is walking south on the sidewalk across Second Street, having just passed in front of Fellini’s Restaurant (where an eye-witness had reported seeing her), on her way to the Downtown Mall. Once she reaches the Mall, she turns east (or to her left) and starts to walk up the Mall. A few minutes later, she was captured by another surveillance camera at Sal’s Restaurant. She last seen on the Mall about a half hour later.

We have confirmed that the Charlottesville Police Department has a copy of this video. This footage confirms the timeline of events we know thus far, that between approximately 12:45am and just after 1am, Hannah walked down Preston Avenue to Market Street, where she entered the Downtown Mall.

The surveillance footage from this Second Street location does not contain any images of 32-year old Jesse “LJ” Matthew, who was the last person reported to have been seen with Hannah when she disappeared. Mr. Matthew is currently wanted by police on a charge of Abduction with Intent to Defile and two counts of reckless driving.

If you have any information please call the tip line at 434-295-3851.