Monday Roundtable

October Surprise.

Dahlia Lithwick

From bombshell indictments and guilty pleas from Trump’s campaign team to the Alt Right in Charlottesville.

Monday Roundtable

U.S. Troops were recently killed in Niger — huh?! Also, the City of Charlottesville is looking for AntiFa protestors believed to have been involved in an assault on Nazis on August 12 — huh?!

Niki Hemmer

Who is the Alt Right? A conversation with journalist and scholar Niki Hemmer.

Monday Roundtable

What does the video say about Deandre Harris on August 12 in Charlottesville?

Monday Roundtable

Members of the Roundtable discuss today’s breaking and tragic news of a mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bill Antholis

Bill Antholis is the President and CEO of the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia.