Claire Gastanaga

Executive Director of ACLU in Virginia, Claire Gastanaga provides insight on a host of controversial issues facing Virginia including same-sex marriage, religious freedom, and in-state tuition for the children of immigrants.

Harlow Giles Unger

      GUEST: Award-winning author and historian, Harlow Giles Unger, talks about his new book: John Marshall. TOPIC: Harlow Giles Unger reveals how Virginia-born John Marshall emerged from the Revolutionary War’s bloodiest battlefields to become one of the nation’s Founding...

Neal Augenstein

WTOP Reporter, Neal Augenstein discusses the very latest in the Fairfax trial of Jesse Matthew.

Top 10 Space Stories of 2014

UVA Astronomer Ed Murphy joins Coy to explore the top space stories from 2014.

Don Doyle

Professor of History Don Doyle discusses his new book about the international reaction to the U.S. Civil War.

Gould and Fitzgerald

Award-winning journalists and authors Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald discuss the terrorist attack in France, U.S. military today, international affairs and the fate of the American Empire.

Quentin Kidd

CNU Political Scientist Quentin Kidd reacts to the two-year sentence for former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

FCC & Internet

The FCC’s historic decision in the net neutrality debate is expected in just a few weeks. UVA Professor of Media Studies Chris Ali helps us understand what’s at stake.

Two Years

News breaking this afternoon: former Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell gets two years in a federal prison for corruption. JMU Professor Bob Roberts explores the sentence and ethics laws in Virginia.

ACLU’s Claire Gastanaga

In the wake of the abduction and murder of Hannah Graham, the city of Charlottesville is considering installing a new police-monitored system of surveillance cameras throughout downtown. The ACLU’s Claire Gastanaga weighs in on the proposal.

Serial’s Deirdre Enright

Deirdre Enright talks about the Serial Podcast and the work of the Innocence Project Clinic at the UVA Law School.

Rick Sincere

Rick reflects on the top political news of 2014.

UVA Alum Lisa Richey

Lisa Richey is leading an effort among UVA alumni to create a fund that will provide legal guidance and representation to students who’ve been victims of sexual assault.

Jules Irvin-Rooney

Legal consultant Jules Irvin-Rooney discusses the federal laws and guidelines that inform the national conversation about rape on campus.

Susan Russell

Susan Russell’s daughter was raped while she was a student at the University of Virginia. This is her story about fighting for change and justice.

Jerry Otero Dec17

Jerry Otero

Jerry Otero with the Drug Policy Alliance explores a new report which says teen drug is at historic lows.

John Foubert

Dr. John Foubert, the Founder and President of One in Four, joins Coy to discuss the on-going issue of rape on campus.

David Kirby

Best-selling author David Kirby discusses the latest breaking news from Sea World.

Liz Seccuro

She was gang raped at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house at the University of Virginia — in 1988. Coy talks with victim advocate and author Liz Seccuro.

Coy & Courteney

Courteney Stuart of the Cville Weekly joins Coy for an extended conversation about the latest information in the double homicide on Rugby Avenue — plus the most recent twists and turns in the Rolling Stone article and UVA.

UVA “Sex Scandal” April 1954

It has been alleged that no student at UVA has ever been expelled for sexual assault. The Cville Weekly’s Graelyn Bashear reports otherwise, in this fascinating conversation about an incident at the University in April 1954.

UVA Students Speak

Two student leaders at UVA speak out about sexual assault on Grounds.