Jeff Fogel

Jeff Fogel is a Charlottesville attorney who recently won a case to defend panhandling as free speech on the Downtown Mall. In this exclusive interview, Jeff takes listeners behind the scenes into how the case was fought and won, and what it means.

FCC Rules in Favor of Neutral Internet

UVA’s Chris Ali reacts to the FCC’s two historic rulings today regarding net neutrality and municipal broadband.

Dr. Renee Hobbs

What is media literacy, media studies, and why has teaching students to think critically about media become one of the most important disciplines in schools today? Dr. Renee Hobbs is one of the nation’s leading experts on media literacy education.

CBS News Reporter Wyatt Andrews

Wyatt Andrews is the National Correspondent for CBS News. He joins Coy to discuss his exclusive report released this week that U.S. veterans are being cheated out of benefits.

Do Animal Shelters Kill Too Many Dogs and Cats?

Robin Starr of the Richmond, Virginia SPCA considers new legislation in Virginia that would have a significant impact on privately owned animal shelters.

Did Virginia Put an Innocent Man in Prison?

Was Robert Davis sent to prison for a double murder he had nothing to do with? An increasing number of people, when the learn the facts of the case, say there is no question: Robert Davis is innocent.

Bill Antholis

The Miller Center of Public Affairs’ new CEO, Bill Antholis, joins Coy for an exclusive, extended conversation about history and politics.

Panhandling in Cville Feb20

Panhandling in Cville

Jeff Lenert is a former Chairman of the Board for PACEM and has been working with the homeless population in Charlottesville for more than 25 years.

Sean McFate

Author, scholar and U.S. Army veteran Sean McFate discusses the runaway use of private armies around the world.

ISIL: What We Need to Know

UVA Politics Professor Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl explores the American options dealing with ISIL in the Middle East.

Collecting DNA in Virginia

Sheriff Chip Harding joins Coy to discuss the latest political developments in Richmond regarding his proposal to expand the use of DNA to solve crimes in Virginia.

Anne Holton

Virginia Secretary of Education Anne Holton joins Coy for a frank discussion about public education in Virginia and some of the key initiatives on which she and her team are now focused.

Graelyn Brashear

Cville Weekly’s Graelyn Brashear has the latest on developments in the Virginia General Assembly regarding proposed legislation that was brought to deal with allegations of rape and sexual assault on college campuses.

Dominion Pipeline

Nelson County landowner Charlotte Rea has the latest on opposition to the Dominion Power natural gas pipeline.

Fun Fridays

It’s a show about nothing.

Brad Sheffield

Supervisor Brad Sheffield responds to concerns raised by those who have voiced opposition to the Route 29-Rio Road improvement project.

Debating Lee-Jackson Day

Civil War historian and award-winning author Rick Britton explores some of the most common myths about the U.S. Civil War and the debate about continuing to celebrate Lee-Jackson Day.

“The Business of Rape”

Cville Weekly News Editor Graelyn Brashear has an exclusive look at the latest on the University of Virginia, fraternities, and the national conversation about rape on campus.

Dede Smith

Charlottesville City Councilor Dede Smith discusses the proposal that the City cease honoring Lee-Jackson Day as a paid city holiday for employees.

Chris Ali

University of Virginia Media Studies Professor, Chris Ali, shares his views on the Sony Hack, net neutrality, and much more.

Chris Graham

Chris joins Coy to discuss UVA’s Men’s Basketball, currently undefeated.

Jerry Stenger

Virginia State Climatologist Jerry Stenger tells us what we want to know: where’s the snow?