David Swanson on Events in Ferguson

Peace activist and author David Swanson reacts to the events in Ferguson and the militarization of law enforcement.

Dr. Imad Damaj

Dr. Imad Damaj, the President of the Virginia Muslim Coalition for Public Affairs, reacts to the beheading of American Journalist Jim Foley.

Paul Roberts

What is it most Americans don’t get about what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri?

Turning America into a War Zone

Rutherford Institute founder and author John Whitehead discusses his most recent commentary and the latest on the events in Ferguson, Missouri.

Barefoot on Protests in Ferguson Aug19

Barefoot on Protests in Ferguson

Inside Charlottesville host Coy Barefoot shares some candid thoughts about the protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

Excellent Sheep

Coy talks to the author of the book that has been praised and criticized on college campuses across America.

Cult of Compliance Aug18

Cult of Compliance

Historian and essayist David Perry comments on the increasingly violent reaction by police officers who demand a culture of compliance from the citizenry.

Sarvis on Ferguson

Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, Robert Sarvis talks about the events in Ferguson, Missouri.

Rick Sincere Reacts to Ferguson

What really happened in Ferguson, Missouri? Why should we care? What does it mean for American liberty?

Jonathan Coleman

Best-selling and award-winning author Jonathan Coleman reacts to the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri.

Whitehead Reacts to Events in Ferguson

The Rutherford Institute’s John Whitehead reacts to the recent alarming events in Ferguson, Missouri when a militarized police force marched into a city neighborhood and opened fire.

David Cay Johnston

The latest on corporate socialism in America with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author David Cay Johnston.

Fun Fridays!

The August 8, 2014 edition of Fun Fridays with Hawes includes the destruction of a weather balloon tomato, the new James Brown biopic, reasonably articulate movie dialogue, Ebola, a cooking dilemma, smoking on airplanes, getting stoned in the White House, Carnal Knowledge, and Hawes sings Virginia’s classic jingle “Right Turn on Red After Stop” — plus Holstein cows!

Ken Hughes Aug08

Ken Hughes

Yes, Nixon ordered a break-in. But it was not at Watergate. On the 40th anniversary of the resignation of President Nixon, author and journalist Ken Hughes joins Coy for an extended conversation about his new book, Chasing Shadows.

Michael Schudson

Noted scholar Michael Schudson joins Coy for an extended conversation about citizenship, democracy, journalism and media in American life.

NPPA’s Mickey Osterreicher

Mickey Osterreicher is the General Counsel for the National Press Photographers Association. He has the latest news regarding the use of drone–mounted cameras by journalists.

Videotaping Police Aug05

Videotaping Police

Author, journalist and photographer Carlos Miller joins Coy to discuss the chilling news out of New York about a video that shows police officers choking a man to death.

ABC Hammers Lockn’

The Virginia ABC has hammered the Nelson County Lockn’ Festival with its harshest possible penalty — and for what?!

Red Light Cameras in Albemarle County

Albemarle County Supervisor Brad Sheffield joins the program to discuss a new proposal to expand the use of red light cameras in Central Virginia.

Latest on Same-Sex Marriage in Virginia

A Federal Appeals Court has struck down Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage. Claire Gastanaga of the Virginia ACLU reacts to the decision.

David Sloan on the Lane High Reunion Aug04

David Sloan on the Lane High Reunion

Charlottesville’s own David Sloan has the details on the upcoming Lane High School Reunion. He also talks candidly about UVA athletics today.

Fun Fridays!

This edition of Fun Fridays with Hawes includes the origin of the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs,” green landscaping, a one-mile race in downtown Charlottesville, the Hatton Ferry (not the Hat On Fairy), grinding grits with strapping young women in Nelson County, Hawes’ first car and a visit to Newport News, Virginia in Summer 1985, the Ventures, Hawes sings Almost Blue, is Charlottesville really the Happiest City? straddling cities, the Torquays, and and an imagined Quentin Tarantino movie, breaking up and taking her cassettes, Number 1 and Number 2, the Cobb’s Creek Circuit Rider, Ladybug Ladybug, the TV Test Pattern, and more!