Kirk Bowers

Dominion Virginia Power and the opposition against their proposed new fracking pipeline project.

Shaun Kenney Aug27

Shaun Kenney

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and more!

Kevin Barry

A new book considers the shocking and little-reported revelations from a top scientist at the CDC.

Stephen Nash Aug25

Stephen Nash

You’ve heard about “global” climate change— what about climate change right here in Virginia?

Jack Hamilton

Straight Outta Compton, NWA, and the historic context of rap music in the story of American music and art.

Herman Schwartz Aug24

Herman Schwartz

UVA’s Herman Schwartz helps make sense of the Chinese stock market crash and reactions in world markets.

Claire Gastanaga

Latest on the fight to preserve civil liberties in America with Claire Gastanta, Executive Director of the ACLU of Virginia.

Rick Sincere

An end-of-the-week news round-up with Rick Sincere.

Brad Humphreys Aug20

Brad Humphreys

The simple economic truth about those big stadium deals.

Michael Signer

What you don’t know about James Madison.

Jonathan Coleman

Best-selling author Jonathan Coleman joins Coy for a moving, candid reflection on the passing of his friend and colleague, civil and human rights activist Julian Bond.

Tom Jackman

Washington Post reporter Tom Jackman has the latest on the breaking news that a Grand Jury in Fairfax has indicted a former police officer for second-degree murder of John Geer.

Ralph Northam

Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam takes listeners behind the scenes of the recent historic events in Richmond.

David Swanson

The passing of Julian Bond, the Dominion Pipeline, Hillary Clinton’s emails, Bernie Sanders and much more.

RIP Julian Bond

The University of Virginia’s Phyllis Leffler reflects on the passing of her colleague and friend, civil and human rights activist Julian Bond.

Claire Gastanaga

What is “constitutional policing” and how is that a solution to the serious challenges facing law enforcement in America today?

Rick Sincere

The latest conversation with Rick Sincere includes breaking news that the University of Virginia was the victim of a cyber hack originating in China— plus Joe Biden for President?

Larry Sabato

UVA’s Larry Sabato weighs in on the candidacy of Donald Trump, the GOP debate, Hillary Clinton, and much more in this exclusive extended conversation with Coy Barefoot.

Shaun Kenney Aug12

Shaun Kenney

The future of the GOP here in Virginia and across the country— plus homework!

Quentin Kidd

Dr. Quentin Kidd of CNU discusses how Virginia is the key to winning the White House in 2016.

Brad Sheffield

An Albemarle County update with Supervisor Brad Sheffield.

Norm Leahy

What does the current field of GOP candidates for President say about the future of the conservative party in America? Why is Trump so popular right now? What you really need to know about Hillary Clinton, and much more with political columnist Norm Leahy.