Chris Hedges

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges joins Coy to discuss his new book Wages of Rebellion.

Doug Blackmon

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian Douglas Blackmon weighs in on the national conversation about the Confederate flag, the Civil War, the Lost Cause and the future of America’s struggle against racism.

Gary Gallagher

Noted Civil War historian Gary Gallagher joins Coy to explore the national conversation about the Confederate flag and the intersections of memory and history.

Shaun Kenney

Same-sex marriage, the Confederate flag, and much more with Shaun Kenney.

Robert Scheer

Legendary journalist and author Robert Scheer discusses his new book with Coy Barefoot.

Robert Futrell Jun25

Robert Futrell

Exploring the tragedy in Charleston with sociologist Robert Futrell, author of “American Swastika.”

Ed Murphy

UVA Astronomer Ed Murphy has the latest on the New Horizons mission to Pluto and much more news from space.

Oliver Kuttner

Automotive X Prize winner and Charlottesville developer Oliver Kuttner talks about the future with host Coy Barefoot.

Brian Balogh

University of Virginia Professor of History Brian Balogh, co-host of Public Radio’s Backstory program heard around the country, joins Coy to explore the national conversation about the display of the Confederate flag, balancing civil liberties, and his new book.

Claire Gastanaga

Confederate flags on license plates, restoring the voting rights of felons who’ve served their time, historic Supreme Court decisions, and much more with Claire Gastanaga of the Virginia ACLU.

Rick Britton

Charlottesville’s award-winning author and civil war historian Rick Britton explores the national conversation about the flying of the Confederate flag on government property.

Maurie McInnis

University of Virginia scholar Maurie McInnis joins Coy to explore the historic context of the tragic shootings in Charleston, South Carolina.

David Swanson

Author and peace activist David Swanson explores the abuses of militarized state power at home and abroad.

Rick Sincere

The Virginia ABC, civil asset forfeiture, the Magna Carta, and much more!

No Prosecutions for Johnson Arrest

Veteran Charlottesville journalist Hawes Spencer has the latest on Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney Dave Chapman’s marathon press conference this afternoon, at which he discussed the reasoning behind his decision not to prosecute Martese Johnson nor any of the ABC agents who arrested him.

David Perry Jun16

David Perry

Non-profits and special needs children: David Perry weighs in.

Denise Lunsford

An exclusive conversation with Commonwealth’s Attorney Denise Lunsford: the latest on the trials of Jesse Matthew.

Guilty in Fairfax

WTOP reporter Neal Augenstein joins Coy to discuss the bombshell news he broke today that Jesse Matthew has entered an Alford plea in his Fairfax trial.

Saudi Arabia and 9-11

Why have both the Bush and Obama administrations tried to hide evidence from the American people that our allies in Saudi Arabia were involved in financing the 9-11 hijackers? What else is there to learn?

Dr. Andy Thomson

Dr. Andy Thomson joins Coy to discuss exciting new research in the cognitive sciences that sheds light on why we believe in gods.

Neal Augenstein

Latest on the trials of Jesse Matthew.

Lloyd Snook Jun01

Lloyd Snook

Defense attorney Lloyd Snook takes listeners behind the scenes in a recent high-profile murder case in Charlottesville. The verdict is in.