EXCLUSIVE: Looking f...

In this exclusive report, Coy Barefoot identifies the second man who’d called in the tip line about the location where the remains of Hannah Graham were later found.

Jane Lillian Vance

Artist and teacher Jane Lillian Vance of Virginia Tech remembers her student and friend, Morgan Harrington.

Coy & Courteney

Reporter Courteney Stuart joins Coy to discuss the latest in the Hannah Graham case and the indictment of suspect Jesse Matthew in Fairfax for a 2005 rape and attempted murder.

EXCLUSIVE: Where Hannah Was Found

Exclusive Report: Where the remains of Hannah Graham were found.

Sexual Assault on Campus

How should American universities and colleges better respond to sexual assaults on campus? What can we learn from the allegations of rape made against Jesse Matthew in 2002 and 2003 at both the colleges he attended?

One Month On

Coy and Courteney discuss the very latest on the search for Hannah Graham, who was last seen one month ago today. They also explore the media’s reaction to what has rapidly become an on-going international story.

Four Weeks

Coy marks the four weeks since Hannah Graham’s disappearance.

Hannah Update

The latest on the search for Hannah Graham.

Coy & Courteney

The C-Ville Weekly’s Courteney Stuart joins Coy with the latest on the search for Hannah Graham.

Dr. Jeffrey Fracher

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Fracher is an expert on sexual predators. He discusses his work in light of the string of disappearances of young women here in Central Virginia.

Graham’s Statement

BREAKING: Hannah’s Parents

Hannah: UPDATE

Inside Charlottesville Host Coy Barefoot reflects on the three weeks since Hannah’s abduction.

Coy and Courteney with Latest on Search for Hannah

Courteney Stuart and Coy Barefoot with the latest developments in the search for Hannah Graham.

EXCLUSIVE: LJ’s Timeline

Coy Barefoot’s exclusive look at the events that took place the night Hannah Graham disappeared on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall. His reporting is the result of numerous interviews with eyewitnesses to the events of that fateful evening— none of whom had spoken to reporters.

Gil Harrington and Trina Murphy

Gil Harrington and Trina Murphy join Coy in studio to reflect on the disappearance/abduction of Hannah Graham.

EXCLUSIVE: Chief Tim Longo

Coy Barefoot’s exclusive sit-down conversation with Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo about the latest in the search for Hannah Graham.

EXCLUSIVE New Video Footage of Hannah Sep24

EXCLUSIVE New Video ...

Exclusive video surveillance footage of Hannah Graham previously unreleased to the public.

Latest on the Search for Hannah

Veteran Charlottesville journalist Hawes Spencer joins Coy to discuss the latest in the search for Hannah Graham. This recording includes the live broadcast of the 5p press conference with Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo.

Police Search for Missing UVA Student

City Police and FBI are currently searching for a missing 18-year old UVA student, Hannah Graham.

Edward Baptist

Historian Ed Baptist explores the link between the brutality of American slavery in the 1800s and the development of an industrial capitalist economy.

John Whitehead

John talks about his latest commentary on the state of America’s freedoms.

Norm Leahy

He shares his views on the latests news from the Bob and Maureen McDonnell corruption trial.